Dont buy creativity by the hour. Rather build a strong relationship with your agency. With that it is easier to keep you ahead of your game as you focus on solutions that provide true value.

Experience 360

We always start out by designing a tailored process especially for you. We set expectations, agree on deadlines and discuss the extent of the tasks ahead. Then we prioritize and set targets to reach. Define the outcomes and explain the value we seek. 

We prefer to price our services according to the value we should provide, and hence not necessarily count hours. An hour can be productive, or so-so. We all need breaks, go and get coffee, or we procrastinate over some social feed. We might also have a bad day with no sleep last night because that baby kept us awake. But on other days we are on a roll: the concept is clear, ideas are plenty, we feel productive as never before. This is the way humans work. 

We are here to help. No obligations, no annoying salesperson. No account person. Just real people that will be able to solve your business challenges. Tell us what we need to know, and we will get back to you within a few hours.

Once we understand your business goals, your organization and your customers, our team will explore, unite, divide... they can work all night, or maybe go for an inspiration trip. This depends on the project and whatever it takes to bring the best ideas and execution up front.

Customers like DR, VELUX, CBS EXECUTIVE, ANIMALS PROTECTION, SOLAR A/S, REALDANIA, SAMVIRKE, and NOVASOL have chosen this approach to focus on the quality of our work and the deadline while keeping you safe on the price.


Granyon is here to be your external user experience power team. We are a passionate team of data crunchers, experience designers, visual wizards, project managers and hardcore business and communication strategists. We speak Danish, English, German, French, Italian and Spanish natively in the office. The connected world is our playground, and we love to explore, build and design for it. In close relationship with you and our partners.
Read "Pursuing the perfect team for the right digital experience" from our CEO Mikkel Noe Westh

How can we help?

We work with great experiences in a connected world. From the initial research to strategy decisions. From first hand drew sketches to fully interactive, testable, scalable, responsive prototypes. We set a team for you only, or let you get the best from each. We design great online customer experiences and through partnerships, we bring to life in all main content management system: Drupal, Sitecore, Episerver, Umbraco and Wordpress.