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Hello. We are a Copenhagen design agency. Choose us for authentic advice and creative, handcrafted work. With design, we create experiences that convert your users into customers, and your customers into fans.

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Explore a world of opportunities with Design-Thinking. Let your brilliant ideas come to life, quickly, with online prototyping. 

Design-Thinking, Strategy, Branding, Employer branding, customer journey analysis, design, online prototypes, marketing, web design, campaigns and content production

Granyon web agency can help leverage your Innovation through Design-Thinking methods with a focus on User engagement, branding, marketing, campaigns, communication and business innovation through research and data analysis, strategy, branding, visual identity, digital design, campaigns, prototyping, tests, and development.

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Data Science & Insights

Insights is about knowing and understanding the reality behind the project

Knowledge and insights drive every single thing we do. Revising a digital strategy, repositioning a brand. Finding a way to get heard in the digital landscape. It defines the rules of the game and let opportunities show. It provides an overview making it more likely to reach solutions that work in real life, and solve business needs.

Whether you're setting the new digital strategy, strengthen your brand position or creating value through campaigns or interactive design, it all starts with knowledge about your business and your customers. It also motivates the creative team to make that effort to connect your brand with your customer's everyday life.

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A soft human-centered approach to handling complexity in projects. Allowing teams to build excellent solutions together.

Always work based on understanding the true challenge

You can use Granyon in the full spectrum or for any niche need. From insights, over strategy and concept. To brand- and product design over prototyping interactive experiences. In our web agency, we know that the process often turns out differently than what you first expected. We deal with humans here. 

You are in control

As a client, you will be in full control as we will lay out a plan before we start, and keep you posted daily to keep things aligned. You are safe with us.

Things naturally overlap

We want the strategy to be flexible until the concept is clear. And we want developers to take part in shaping the concept because they know possibilities better than any. And so on. So most phases of a project naturally overlap. It is not a waterfall, and it is not entirely iterative. Rather it involves important people in the important decisions to be made, remaining flexible yet keeping deadlines.

Got a question or a comment about this approach? 

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Insights are all about understanding the circumstances of any project. They form the basis for amazing work.

Knowledge and insights drive every single thing we do. 

Revising a digital strategy, repositioning a brand. Finding a way to get heard in the digital landscape? Insights define the rules of the game and allow the opportunities to reveal themselves. 

How we understand 'insights.'

Insights are about setting the baseline. Before we know our current situation, we can't create a strategy to get to a different position. Insights are information about anything that is affecting or could be affected by the process. Any internal or external factor that will influence the result.

Data and insights help ease the feeling of uncertainty

Big ideas are often risky or out of the ordinary. So rather than win people over with "Gut feeling," only aesthetics or an argument, you can supplement with data and insights.

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You can't be everything and everywhere at once. Be clear, bold and present. Let's make up your mind.

Now that the world is overwhelmingly digital and fast moving, the feeling you can get is that everything has changed once you have read this text. 

Our role as a digital agency is to break it down and help you end up with an actionable strategy detached from the trends of the time or whatever latest technology people talk about. It is about humans, that will use/buy/read your product.

Your brand stays. The medium and the trends change.

We give you a direction to steer after no matter the medium and the changing message along the way. In the end, it is about your brand and your business. Regardless of trends.

Start with a clear customer journey

A customer journey map is a unique visual representation of every touch point the customer encounters before, during and after engaging with your brand across (chosen) platforms and media. With the map in hand, it is easier to identify touchpoints which will enable us to create a coherent system that supports your business and brand purpose.

Match your business purpose with your customer's world

Based on business goals, brand purpose and customer insights we as a web agency can create the defining framework that will act as the guiding principles for the strategy. Global complexity has increased the need for unified communication and coordination across different parts of your organization. 

Now define a communication system

At this point, we have clear business goals, the insights, a clear strategy purpose, and guiding principles. From this, we can build a strategy system that gives operational guidelines for your organization to choose which platforms and how they should be used. All to create a consistent customer experience that connects the brand with customers clearer than before.

Final delivery

The strategy is documented and together with the new communication-/marketing system you get easy to use and measure tools to both implement the plan but also set up measurements to make sure that the new direction and ideas are coming to life.

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Your visual identity is the way you dress and behave. Your brand is how other people perceive the way you dress and act.

A strategy is about finding reasons why your audience should care about you. Branding is telling them again and again who you are, and how they can relate. Why should they care for you? What is the one value driven thing your audience will love? Will they save money? Will it be fun? Or are you the most trustworthy? Best tasting? Fastest? 

In digital media, you are in constant contact with your audience, so you need to be your brand and have an authentic, believable voice. Start defining clear purposes and the potential for great stories to make your brand stand out, will follow.

Brand purpose; why should I care?

The brand purpose defines the heart of everything you do. It tells the user why they should care, and it provides you with a clear guideline for any communication between your customer and your brand. If something falls out of your core story, you either shouldn't do it, or you have the wrong definition of your brand purpose. Keep this consistent, and your users become fans as they relate and feel they know everything about your brand.

Core visual identity: dress well

We see visual identity as a traditional discipline, but like to add interactivity and modern media opportunities to it. Typography, Logo, colors, shapes, grids, and media applications are always essential. But add interactivity, moving image, animation or even live data, and your visual identity can be taken to new levels. It is not a matter of overcomplicating it, but rather to refine the experience more.

(Interactive) behavior affects the experience

Interactivity can change both your brand and your visual identity assets. Your audience loads your pages, see your assets in the app and click them or swipe them. It's important to account for how they behave and react to user input. Animations and transitions can be swift or smooth, slow or fast. All affecting the impression your customers get.

Spot on content, with on-brand voice & tone

Visual identity only takes your branding so far. What your brand says and how it acts every day shows in your content. You don't have to leave this to chance. We work with styling photography, illustration, and assets like icons. We plan and instruct moving images for your core stories. We help you establish a voice and tone guide, which will empower you to find the right words for anything you need to communicate. Stay consistent over time and improve the way your audience experience you.

Any questions or comments about visual design & Identity to our web agency? 

Design and visual identity? Get hold of Creative Director, Jesper Fagerlund

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Prototyping approach, to identify the right concept(s) for your brand. Fast. Effective. Value creating.

Go from insight and strategy to a real, tested, responsive prototype in just five weeks, is our approach to making real innovation happen fast. Continue reading to know how...

Internal structures and years of habits can be in the way for real change when it comes to communicating or selling your products online. Uncertainties and risk-taking seem impossible as positions or reputation are at stake. With Granyon's approach, we cut to the chase and move you fast into something you can touch, see, feel and test, to allow for ideas to be proven right or wrong, without the same amount of time or financial risk. Moving fast is always crucial. Our team knows how to achieve this.

Cooking Concepts

As a web agency, we know that a concept is a proposed way of dealing with a challenge. It is illustrating a possible path explaining what it would do.  Concepts should be initiated with speed in mind as we need to identify as many paths as possible, to be better able to see right from wrong.

Experts in the most basic prototyping: paper and pen

The best way to get ideas down is to put them on paper with a pen. It is fast; it allows for an ultra quick visualization of any idea. How should a solution be structured? How could we build it? How should it look? The purpose is to get ideas out of everyone's head so we can start to see the different ideas either working together or conflicting.

Prototyping: ultra fast to high fidelity

The sketches, post-its, the insights and the strategy now all come into one in an online prototype. This can be experienced on any platform from anywhere and therefore tested (remotely) on any target-group in any market. We usually run one-week iterations and test over the weekend, so we know what to adjust the following week. 

Concerned about visual design? Hear how we at Granyon, web agency work and think

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Designing a great experience

We always prefer to showcase our design in prototypes. They are interactive and easier to understand in contrast to beautiful static layouts.

It all comes down to building a design system: with everything you need to proceed creating on brand product designs. Identity, logo, and brand.

Design thinking, prototype or pretotype?

The kid has many names, and many don't realize the difference. It all comes down to scale: how little effort is needed to test how big a project? We support – and often use – both approaches and everything in between. The level of detail is up to you, and the challenges you seek to solve. 


Text, translation, film, animations, social media, and campaigns. We at Granyon, web agency can help you bring the design to life. A great experience is only convincing if the overall customer journey offers consistent touch points. Because the content team works closely together with the design team, we make sure that the overall brand is in full sync with the purpose and communication strategy.

A prototype that evolves quickly

The concept now moves into a prototype. We build on several pages, and core user flows at a time. We present you with the initial prototype, and you can follow along with the progress. Along the way, you will be able to showcase the demo internally or use it for more formalized testing on your core audience. 

We prefer to work in intensive sprints

Because it brings better results. The length of the sprints depends on the project. But the idea is to have different assumptions tested on you, your organization, selected customers and more. We design the sprints to fit your needs concerning schedule and budget.

Concerned about product design? 

Design? Talk to Creative Director Jesper on

A high fidelity prototype, to allow users to test in a realistic environment

The way we work with prototyping, you will be able to interact and test it from the first rough concept sketches to the finished designed prototype, with real content.

In the beginning, we test our initial assumptions: our concept thoughts. Will it work within the business? Will we be able to code it? Does it live up to our expectations?

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Concerned about testing new solutions? 

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The final step of a process. But not the end of the effort.

Production ready design

For us, development is a part of the design. We bring in developers right from the beginning to get their creative inputs to combine data or make use of exciting integrations. Together we test the ideas out in prototypes before the bigger development team takes over.

The design is never done.

Granyon, web agency deliver the design in a prototype, making it easier than ever for the development team to implement the concept and the design into a real integrated solution.

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